Geyzing, West Sikkim

Geyzing, West Sikkim

Geyzing is the capital of the district of West Sikkim in the Indian state of Sikkim. A few kilometres north is the town of Pelling. The town has a large Nepali population, and the Nepali language is the predominant language of the region. The town is situated at an altitude of about 6,500 feet (1,900 m). The town enjoys a temperate climate for most of the year.

Near Geyzing is the ancient town of Yuksom, the ancient capital of Sikkim built in 1642. Other attractions include Pemyangtse Monastery built in 1640, reputed to be Sikkim's oldest and Khecheopalri Lake which as legend has it not a leaf is allowed to float on the surface.

Near by attractions :



Rabdantse Ruins

Paymayangtse Monastery

Singshore Bridge

Dental Valley

Khecheopalri Lake


Accommodation rates :

Rs 2000 double bed room (MAP)

Rs 3000 triple bed room (MAP)

Group rate : Rs. 850/- Per head (MAP)


Food rates :

Breakfast : Rs 100/head

Lunch : Rs 200/head

Dinner : Rs 200/head


Free Wi-Fi

Free Parking

Geyzing is appx. 120 Kms from NJP, 110 Kms from the capital Gangtok & only 20 Kms from Pelling.

One can regular share & reserved vehicle from NJP or Gangtok.

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